About Us


Hi Friends! I'm Whitney - Founder and Owner of Sprouts&Honey! I am so glad you're here! My dream for creating S+H was to give our kids an opportunity to express themselves through modern, timeless fashion. However, in doing that, I also wanted to create an understanding in my children of the value small businesses bring to our community! 
You've heard it said that when you buy from small businesses you're not supporting a third lake home, you're helping our family support our children in their dreams and activities. 
I am a Speech Language Pathologist by profession and the Wife/Mom to our little family of 5. No child should need to fight for their basic needs. My passion by day is to teach children to communicate, but I've also seen so many children light up with a new outfit or a new pair of shoes. So by night, I'm working to bring timeless pieces at affordable prices from small businesses with a dream just like mine!
Please know that most of the items we carry are limited quantity! If you see something you love - be sure to grab it because there is no guarantee that we'll be able to get it back in stock! This makes each piece as unique as the child wearing them!
Check back often - as we are always getting in new inventory! 
Please email me: hello@sproutsandhoney.com for more info!