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Simple. Basic. Timeless.

Outfitting the smallest people in your family.

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It Happened!!

It's been over six months that I launched!

A dream that began 6.5 years ago was reignited in June, 2019. After a month of planning, collaborating, gathering, organizing, purchasing and no sleep, Sprouts & Honey became real!!!

I'm so excited to continue this journey with you all. I want you to know my heart, though- I won’t be doing much business through social media. In fact, I’ll do very little through social media.

I’m on a journey to make real connections, to really SEE my customers.

My heart is for YOUR journeys, your families. I want to meet you, and know your story. I’d love to really know the families Sprouts & Honey is dressing! So while I won’t be updating my stories daily, maybe not weekly- I’m still here, ready to connect with you! Thank you for your support. 

Truly, thank you for being here!

Happy Shopping!

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